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Thursday, 27 March History Write-Up. Cultural Singapore had a strong culture of different races. From examining the sources such as the gold ornaments as well as the chinese gold armlet dating from the 14th century, there was a strong culture of different races. These sources tells us it comes from different countries thus people who have lived in Singapore may have bought the culture to Singapore and as there is many races living in Singapore a lot of different races have been developed showing that Singapore had a strong culture of different races. Economy Singapore was a strong trading economy. From examining the sources such as gold armlet and malay pottery as well as many more it showed the strong trading economy of Singapore. Political Singapore had political connections with the other countries. From examining the source such as the sejarah melayu, there are political connections from different parts of the world.

My source: At different times, the island was controlled by different kingdoms in Southeast Asia including the Siamese, Javanese, and Sultanate of Malacca from the 14th century and the Sultanate of Johor gold armlet dating from the 14th century the 16th century. Archaeological digs in various historical sites around Singapore, have found earthenware, glass beads and other objects that suggest that the island had been the site of a bustling trading hub for royalty, merchants and craftsman. My inference: This tells me that Singapore is a busy trading port for many countries. The artifacts that were found might be goods that the traders have traded with or they lost them. They might also cost a lot, thus only the rich people and those with high authority can afford it. I can also conclude that most of the traders are wealthy or with high rank.

It was gold armlet dating from the 14th century in a archeolgical excavation in Fort Canning Hill in This artifact from ancient China is a Ancient Chinese Compass and its only one of its kind found today in the world. Many experts from all around the world came to Singapore just to have a look at this special compass as this type of special compass has not even been found in China. It also shows that many traders from China came to Singapore to sell their goods for a living, meaning that Singapore was an important trading port for the Chinese traders leading the empires of the two countries to have a great political connection. Most probably this compass was owned by a very rich person living in 14 Century Singapore as its a very unique compass. The underglaze design of these sherds clearly shows the compass directions, telling us that this bowl was meant to be used as a compass.
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Houghton National Museum of Singapore collection. Houghton was a midshipman on the survey ship, HMS Discovery. Revere Bell This bell was cast in the Revere foundry in Boston in the tradition of the American patriot, Paul Revere. His daughter Maria was married to Joseph Balestier, the first American consul in Singapore — She had gold armlet dating from the 14th century condition - that the church sound the curfew every night at 8pm to remind sailors in the town to return to their ships and to alert residents to be watchful of robberies and assaults after dark. Mahjong set, s. Mahjong was the second most popular game played by women here in s and s, after the card game bridge, and mahjong tea parties were often organised at various clubs for entertainment and fundraising. Gramophone, Designed to take centrestage in the reception hall or living room of a home, a gramophone incorporates a clockwork motor beneath the turntable in a wooden box, and is wound up with a crank handle.

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