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Planning a speed dating event let you play Cupid to dozens of people at the same time. Follow these steps to create throwing a speed dating event evening of lightening-fast dates. Book a venue. Museums, restaurants, banquet halls and clubs are popular places to hold speed dating events. Plan to provide refreshments at the venue such as bottled water, soda and light snacks.

You'll first want to come up with a name that you will operate under a "DBA" name, so to speak. I suggest coming up with a name that is unique, yet simple and to the point of throwing a speed dating event business. Additionally, you'll want to choose a name that has an available domain address to compliment or match. Decide who your target market will be.

The problem is, it can be hard to manage the data side of things. Our new SpeedMatchApp allows you to organize and run the events more productively and accurately. That means you can focus more on the human side of things that you love and create a new and fun experience for your clients! This saves you time and creates a better overall experience for your clients. Your clients and participants are automatically throwing a speed dating event to rounds, tables and matches and can give live feedback after each round directly from their phone.
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Hosting a speed dating night is an excellent opportunity for your restaurant or bar to facilitate romance while also attracting new patrons. Many businesses charge participants a registration or cover fee, which, along with food drink sales, throwing a speed dating event increase your revenue. In addition to creating a pleasant and playful environment, a successful speed dating event will strengthen your restaurant's reputation and improve the likelihood of drawing first time or repeat customers. The first speed dating event took place in California in late and was inspired by a rabbi who sought to help Jewish singles meet new people and get married. Speed dating is designed to give participants the opportunity to go on mini dates with anywhere from 10 to 25 or more people in a single evening.

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